from Dianne Norton

I (along with so many other of his WLOS friends) am just devastated to hear about Ali's death. We all loved him - there is not other word for it than that. He had a warm and colourful character (right down to his shoes which I always admired) and we thoroughly enjoyed his company in all the shows he participated in - he made a real contribution - especially in Dad's
Army where he was really terrific. The part suited him so well. He will always have a very special place in my heart.

Only yesterday I was looking for a little vase to put some flowers in and found a very pretty one and then realised it had been a present from Ali. When we were doing My Fair Lady (I think it was that show) he came round to each of the ladies' dressing rooms with lovely bouquets of flowers and I am so pleased I kept the vase.

Ali's personality was as bright and memorable as his fabulous green and yellow shoes. I'll always be grateful for the many happy memories he's left me with.

Dianne Norton