from Jules Sclater

Dear Ramesh,

It is with great sadness and shock to learn of Ali's premature passing away. Although I lost contact with Ali, I have very many fond memories of a kind and gentle person, with a strong sense of empathy.

I first met Ali in halls at Aberystwyth University and immediately struck up a friendship whilst he beat me in a game of snooker! I soon discovered that he was also a talented hockey player and played for the University 1st team. He really enjoyed hockey but he would tell me how upsetting he found the choice of song the team would sing whilst travelling together. We enjoyed debating politics and his strong sense of social justice led him to stand for Student Union President. He was very dedicated towards promoting fairness and equality. He showed his commitment and enthusiasm by spending many hours canvassing for votes. I helped with his poster campaign and in my eyes he was by far the most credible and trustworthy candidate. I have to admit we also enjoyed some misspent hours playing doom and football manager games in the university computer rooms on campus! Ali was also a clever and thoughtful person and as far as I understood a talented physics student.

When Ali moved into a flat in the 'old town' of Aberystwyth he would sometimes invite me round to share dinner. Amongst the recipes I can remember him cooking, smoked mackerel heated in the microwave served with rice and yoghurt. I remember he was particularly pleased with the rice cooker he had been given by his family - perfect rice every time! But even better were his Iranian dishes, he would often cook lamb with lots of parsley, onion, and lemon juice. Ali was a generous soul with not a bad bone in his body.

I know that he had experienced some difficulties when he moved to London, but I was never quite sure how to help. We drifted apart, but I had tried to contact him several times over the years but unfortunately couldn't track him down on the internet.

I have very many fond memories of Ali and can still hear his infectious cheeky laugh. His kindness will have touched many fortunate people, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share time with such a lovely person.

Kindest regards,

Jules Sclater