from Katie Elliott

Ali, what will always remind me of you...? 'If I was a rich man, ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum!', you was always offering entertainment at our parties but the best was when you was in the shower and you thought that nobody was listening! I never thought that after meeting you that night in The Tavern with Francesca and Morag, one of our regular haunts, that you would become one of my closet friends, but I should've guessed as we ended up dancing the night away into the small hours! I think it was your bold sense of dress and Francesca's hat that got us talking! I learnt a lot about you that night, and we shared an awful lot for two people that had only just met, that is a special thing about you Ali, you always offered so much of yourself and you made me feel that I could too. I was chatting with Elena on Saturday night over a glass (or two) of wine and we were talking about the day we all shared with my family on the Common, you was brilliant with Kieran and Georgina, giving piggy backs and climbing trees and you never ran out of steam! This memory I will always treasure Ali. And I'll be sure to take Elena on another bike ride next summer so she has time to get into training! ;-).
We've shared so many times here at Graham Road, especially in the summer times with our BBQ's (losing terribly in the World Cup for example!) and bonfires and thanks to you moving here I have so many more special memories. And I always had a baby sitter for Jimi and Hendrix which I know you enjoyed!! I will miss you coming to my room in the late night to have a chat and play with the boys.

Ali you are one of the sweetest, most caring men I have ever met, you are a gorgeous person and I feel privileged to have had you in my life (next on my list will be Tolstoy by the way!) and forever sad that we will not create anymore memories together but we will always remember you in those moments that you would have been a part of and speak about you with happiness and joy.

We will never forget you Ali, all my love
Katie xxx