from Ellie Sanders

Ali and I met at our friend’s birthday party in the spring 2010 and clicked immediately. He stood out from the crowd with his unique bright outfit. We could talk about literature, arts, films for ages. Ali was keen on theatre, history, books and nature. Luckily he moved in our houseshare in Wimbledon at the end of 2010 and our friendship was growing. Ali was a very delicate, intelligent, artistic person with lots of interests. Social life was very important to Ali; he liked going out to the theatre, movies, parks, parties, socialising and being around people. It was a pleasure seeing him on stage, he was so natural and charismatic. We had been spending a lot of our free time together before I moved out in May 2011. Ali had a very busy lifestyle with lots of events and he would often invite his friends to join him in one do or another which was always such a treat. Philanthropic and altruistic by nature, Ali was a great friend and will always be a very special person in my heart...
Elena xx
(Ali and Elena being eaten by sharks)